The project will be managed in such a way as to promote a sense of ownership and motivation for each of the partners. The University of Jordan will be the project manager (PM) responsible for the overall operation of the project and its smooth running, financial and administrative management including the preparation of budget and reports, timeliness and accomplishment, in addition to being responsible to the EC for the activities of the consortium.

A kick-off meeting of all consortium members will be held at The University of Jordan to establish common aims and purposes of the project. The project will follow a management system which allows flexibility in decision making within a well defined management structure.

A Steering Committee composed by one representative for each partner of EGREEN project will be formed. It will be responsible for EGREEN management and monitor the progress of all activities. The University of Jordan will make strategic decisions about the development of the project and ensure that activities are well organised and completed on schedule and that all deadlines are met and objectives achieved. It will also be responsible for authorising the purchase of all equipment, customs duties and all connected paperwork. 

A Scientific Committee composed by one representative for each University involved in the project. It will be responsible for need analysis, guideline development, curricula elaboration, training contents. The establishment of a Scientific Committee is recommended to guarantee quality and competencies in Training contents elaboration.

A restricted access area of the project website will be used as a repository for updating project documents, plans and reports. The project team will use this as a prime focus for their communications by uploading and accessing documents, participating in discussion forums, and adding useful content and resources. Each partner will have a set of project tasks and responsibilities. The progress with these will be channelled to partners by their representatives.

The University of Jordan

Task 8.1: Scientific committee

Task 8.2: Steering Committee

Task 8.3: Operational management

Task 8.4: Egreen Website​

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