Development of Study Plan and Curricula

This WP, is the major activity of the project. It aims to update and improve the contentof state-of-the art for 7 courses according WP 2.3 report and then deliver, accredit and adapt to add value to the existing programme at Jordanaian & Syrian partner universities and have technological and economical impact on the environmental and climate change sector in Jordan. Among 7 courses in evironmental engineering and climate changes, two of them will be elaborated in e-learning courses and 1 course will be elaborated in the ECTS                                                                           

Among 7 courses, some course will be taught in Jordanian and Syrian beneficiary universities at university requirements and some course at faculty level; most students can be educated on environment. Pilot courses will be selected with assistance of EU partners for delivery in both traditional, eLearning modes  and ECTS during a special workshop at HS-OWL.

During the first year, Egreen Scientific Committee members, Jordanian, Syrian and European, will coordinate elaboration of 7 courses' contents. Courses will be submitted to university authorities for approval during the second year and subsequently implemented. Local professors will be responsible for teaching the programme and will be assisted in the first run by EU professors, who will participate in teaching either face to face or virtually.

The pedagogical approach (teaching, learning and assessment strategy) of the programme includes lectures, seminars, case studies, group work, report writing and independent research.

The BSc programme will be subject to QA procedures and will provide students with system of easily readable and comparable degrees. This will provide an example of a Bologna process, paving the way for the adoption this process.

Traditional labs will be designed, built and integrated according to the needs of the elaborated 7 courses at Jordanian & Syrian partner Universities​

Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences
Task 3.1: Workshop on Curricula Updating

Task 3.2: Selection of Pilot Courses and Labs

Task 3.3: Detailed Design of Pilot Courses

Task 3.4: Accreditation of New Curricula

Task 3.5: New Curricula for environment Courses

Task 3.6: Establishment of Environmental lab

Task 3.7: Monitoring and feedback Methodology and Reports​

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