Development of Online Content and Competencies

In this work package 2 courses in e- Leaning Environment will be developed during the first year of the project as means of an eLearning delivery mechanism of the proposed new and other courses. Staff from Jordan and syria will visit EU partners to attend workshops on e-learning platforms and alternative delivery mechanisms such as Blackboard, Moodle and other Web-based mechanisms, to eventually adopt the most suitable platform. The preparation of e-learning will be carried out in parallel with selecting a variety of suitable, advanced and updated educational and teaching material. 

This will include software and multimedia tools, audio-videos, and CDs. The content and range of information of the educational material will be determined in such a way in order to support different educational activities, training of academic staff, and short course training of engineers. The environmental labs, developed in WP3, in coordination with HS-OWL, will be integrated to this e-learning.

After adopting environment, courses will be delivered by Jordanian and Syrian professors supported by EU colleagues. Choice of pedagogy (teaching, learning and assessment) is a blended approach of traditional face-to-face contact as well as lectures by EU and local professors supported by full interactivity of the e-learning offering not only flexibility of content delivery but also the opportunity for shared social learning between partner institutions.


Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Task 4.1: Development of e- Learning Environment.

Task 4.2: Adaptation of e-learning Courses Content into curricula

Task 4.3: Personalization of e-learning​
WP4:Development of Online Content and CompetenciesWP 4 Report



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