Scoping and training needs
 The major activity of the project is to design, deliver, accredit and adapt 7 state-of-the art Environmental Engineering and climate change courses which will add value to the existing undergraduate programme at partner universities and have technological and economical impact on the environmental and climate change sector in Jordan.

The project will commence in a scoping and needs analysis exercise to investigate the current status of Environmental Engineering and climate change in Jordan and Syria. The investigation will commence with

  1. survey and interviews with appropriate stakeholder, including enterprises and governmental bodies as well as international projects and initiatives, focusing on all academic programmes being in offer in Jordan and Syria in the field of environmental and climate change issues, actual market demands, trends and needs as well government policies and regulations.
  2. survey on teaching and management facilities and on the structure of the partner universities to make sure that the project training content can be carried out successfully.

Integration of the first & second survey analysis results about the training needs and partner management facilities with the European methodology and experience and then drafting a final report about the methodology. This is acrucial document to elaborate the didactic contents  and select the environmental and climate change course


University of Innsbruck
Task 2.1: Scoping and Market Needs Analysis
Task 2.2: Scoping and Market Needs Analysis
Task 2.3: Planning and Methodologies​​

WP2:Scoping and Training NeedsReport_WP2



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