Monitoring and Evaluation

Forming Quality Committee will start by the kick-off meeting, formed and chaired by GJU, with consortium members from EU, Jordanand and syria and one Quality Manager. The duty of the quality committee is to monitor and evaluate the progress of the project and to ensure that all its activities are carried out properly according to European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance and ensuring proper execution of the project to achieve its objective.

The quality committee controls and directs the quality manager. The Quality Manager will design a proper evaluation process and be responsible for creating a set of indicators. In coordination with the project manager and other project consortium members, the Quality Manager will set criteria for the selection of members of the “External Evaluator”.

External Evaluator will conduct constructive evaluation by working according to the terms of reference and ‘rules of engagement’ set by the project Quality Manager and the manager of the project. The External Evaluator will advise and train partner universities to use suitable tools of evaluation for the sustainability of the program quality. The expert will write intermediate reports, one each 6 months, and a final report, to readdress the project in case of going off from indicated objectives and methodologies. The evaluators will conduct the evaluation beginning of 2018, to give the project consortium time for improvement and adaptation.

GJU, will monitor the project at different points using different types of evaluation including exploratory evaluation to support the process, and experimental and quasi-experimental study designs to evaluate the outcomes. Summative final evaluation will include an impact study and a benchmarking study to evaluate the quality of the resulting courses, labs and e-learning​

German Jordanian University

Task 6.1: Quality Committee

Task 6.2: External Evaluation

Task 6.3: Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Task 6.4: Mid-Term Evaluation Report

Task 6.5: Final Evaluation Report

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