Tishreen University
Tishreen University was established by the Presidential Decree No. 12 dated May,20,1971 issued by late President Hafez Al-Assad in 1971, to be one of the leading Syrian universities and to achieve the following goals; - Provides a viable educational environment that fosters qualified human resources represented by scholars, scientists and innovative graduate - Enriches the academic and firsthand experience of its graduates and builds an open-minded generation with genuine interest in conducting quality research - Updates academic facilities, labs and teaching aids and encourages miscellaneous specializations at the university in order to address the local and global markets - Promotes on-campus activities such as sports, music and social life - Maintains successful networking among different departments such as biotechnology, renewable and alternative energy, environment protection, translation and information technology - Provides best consultation services to different private and public institutes in fields of food and chemical industries, water resources, agriculture, animal breeding, ….etc - Enhances collaborative, autonomous and cooperative learning - Provides unique study opportunities for young people along with a package of useful on-campus facilities, lectures, as well as beneficial getting-together scientific and academic circles
Prof. Dr. Moussa Alsamara
Contact Person
Prof. Dr. Hani Chaaban
Prof. Dr. Bassam Hassan
Prof. Dr. Shoaib Mahmoud
Prof. Dr. Laila Al-taweel
Prof. Dr. Ali Zidan
Prof. Dr. Boushra Neameh
Eng. George AlSamara
Mrs. Rana Saqqour



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