UJ Accepts QS Arab Ranking Certificate for 2021

Deputizing for the University of Jordan (UJ) President, Vice President for International Affairs, Quality and Accreditation, Prof. Zaid Eyadat, officially accepted the university's QS Arab 2021 ranking certificate during a special ceremony held on October 13th and 14th in Dubai, UAE.

According Eyadat, UJ has been ranked first locally and among the top ten in the Arab region for the year 2021. "This ranking is dedicated to universities in the Arab region, and seen as one of the most important and recognized Rankings, as it classifies Arab universities according to their performance and higher education outcomes, taking into account the specificity and circumstances of the region," Eyadat said.

Director of Accreditation and Quality Assurance Center, Prof. Menwer Attarakih, indicated that this year's results showed improvement in various criteria. Attarakih said that UJ ranked 7th in the academic reputation criterion (30%), and advanced to the 4th position in the employer reputation of its graduates (20%), in addition to ranking 9th in international research network (10%), and maintaining the 6th position in the web impact (5%) criteria.

UJ scored 98% in Academic Reputation, 97.7% in Employer Reputation, 95.8% in International Research Network, 99.5% in Web Impact, and 100% in Proportion of Staff with a PhD. The university also achieved high scores in other criteria.

Despite the high competition, the University of Jordan managed to remain in the tenth position among 180 Arab universities listed in the ranking.

It is noteworthy that the event saw meetings and panels on various topics, including the ranking, higher education in the Arab world, and scientific research.