Center's Strategy

The center derives its vision and mission from the vision and mission of the university to reach the ranks of internationally ranked universities, in terms of providing a distinguished educational experience for students, adopting a research program to generate and disseminate theoretical and applied knowledge, and effectively contributing to building a culture of lifelong learning and improving the standard of life in its local, regional and global community. .
Excellence in university quality management at the local and global levels.
Activating an innovative quality system and applying international ideals in the fields of education and scientific research to the community, bringing the university to the global ranks.
Developing a comprehensive strategy to ensure the quality of academic programs at the university,based on internal quality assurance standards that align with global standards. • Spreading and entrenching the culture of quality among all university employees and consolidating the concepts of development and modernization. • Developing the academic capabilities and skills of faculty members. • Supervising the university’s strategic planning strategy in a creative and fundamental manner and following up on the future preparations of the various units. • Working to develop academic goals and their final stages. Ensuring that quality standards are ensured when developing academic programs. • Recording new cases at the university and new efforts to exceed their expectations. • New reliance on university academic programs. • The typical form of the university’s academic and administrative units. • Encouraging scientific research among faculty members and research centers. • Interacting with the local community on issues related to quality assurance • Preparing the periodical on the university’s performance, and proposing the accuracy or necessity to amend the regulations.