Center's Strategy


Strategic planning is considered an administrative tool deployed generally by university presidency, different faculties, centers, and units to fulfill their goals and objectives within a specific period of time, through investing the available physical and human resources efficiently.
Strategic planning contributes in fulfilling the desired outcomes for all internal stakeholders (faculty staff and administrative staff) and external stakeholders (students, employers, governmental community organizations, and nongovernmental community organizations), through a systematic approach that documents the general track of the university for the next five years.
Strategic planning is not only a plan for growth and expansion, But also a constitution for planning, organizing, aligning, budget retrenchment and reallocation in the light of analysis and assessment of the university priorities.


To be a Leading and distinguished center in quality management in order to achieve the mission of The University of Jordan and its objectives.


Applying and promoting the concepts of quality assurance efficiently and effectively, controlling performance and evolving administrative procedures in order to develop distinctive educational, administrative and research system,  through applying modern quality assurance methodologies that achieve the mission of The University of Jordan and its objectives.


1. Spreading and promoting the culture of quality amongst all UJ’s staff, and rooting the concepts of development and modernization.
2. Applying local and global accreditation and quality assurance standards in the fields of teaching and learning at all academic programs.
3. Enhancing the rank of UJ at all international ranking systems.
4. Developing administrative capacities and skills for all administrative staff.
5. Developing academic and research skills for all faculty members.
6. Interacting with the local community in the fields of accreditation and quality assurance.
7. Increasing scientific production of all faculty members and research centers at UJ.