AQAC in Brief

Accreditation and Quality Assurance Center (AQAC) established in 2006 to improve the level of performance, efficiency and competitive capabilities for various schools, academic and research centers as well as administrative units in order to be one of the distinguished universities nationally and internationally. AQAC derives its vision and mission from UJ’s vision and mission, in terms of providing a distinct learning experience for students, adopting a research program for the production of theoretical and practical knowledge, contributing effectively in building a culture of continuous learning, and improving the quality of life in local, regional and global societies.   



 AQAC consists of three administrative departments:


·      Accreditation Department:

o  National Accreditation Division

o  International Accreditation Division

o  Strategic Planning Division 

·      Quality Assurance Department:

o  Assessment Division

o  Quality Assurance and Ranking Division

o  Development Division

·       Website Department

o  Website Content Assurance Division.

o  Website Quality Division.




Excellence in academic quality management at the local and international levels.




Activation of quality management system to ensure the application of international standards in learning and teaching, scientific research and community service in order to be one of world-class universities





1.     To develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure the quality of academic programs based on internal quality assurance standards and global standards.

2.     To publish and entrench the culture of quality amongst all employees and consolidate development and modernization concepts.

3.     To develop academic and research skills of faculties.

4.     To oversee the process of strategic planning, preparing strategic plan and follow up the preparation and implementation of operational plans for different units.

5.     To work on the development of plans and academic programs to be up-to-date.

6.     To achieve international accreditation and national quality assurance certification for programs.

7.     To make UJ highly ranked locally and internationally.

8.     To prepare periodic reports on the performance of UJ, and to propose decisions or policies necessary to develop and improve the legislation.