Administrative Development

Administrative development at the University of Jordan is a main axe adopted by UJ’s Strategic Plan, it can be defined as the application of new aspects in management science in accordance with the organization’s activity and size in order to effectively achieve all goals and raise the productivity level of quality services.

The most important strategies for the development of this axis are:

Organizational Structure

·        UJ’s administration clarifies the administrative and organizational structures at the university and their procedures as well as improves means of communication with other academic departments

·        Smooth and organized communication between UJ’s administration and all units is basic demand for the completion of effective management systems.

·        Find simple administrative structures at UJ that have clear and sequential procedures.

·        Create more effective management system

Human Resources

·        Job Description Guidance

·        Procedures and function models

·        Evaluate the performance of employees:

·        Training



All these updated and applied administrative development elements create sense of clarity, confidence and encouragement between employees at UJ, which in turn leads to increase level of performance that achieves the desired objectives and enhances confidence in the university and it UJ’s reputation at the local and international levels.


Please check these surveys

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