HEALING Work Packages

Quality Control and Monitoring

Leader :
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Co-Leaders :
Jordan University of Science and Technology & University of Gabes
About Work Package:
Quality control and monitoring of the project implementation will oversee all the tasks necessary to ensure that the project is running within the scope, on time, and of expected quality. Internal as well as external quality mechanisms will function. The monitoring activities will include progress review, study of documents and review of interim, partial or pilot products/outputs. Drawing on the results of produce a report reflecting on both the progress and accomplishments as well as existing shortcomings and problems followed by specific suggestions/recommendations on how to overcome problems and improve processes. Respective WP leader will follow up the recommendations and the results will be reported to Parenters at its biannual coordination meetings. Furthermore after each training session, seminar/workshop and meeting will conduct post-event surveys/questionnaires of participants to check the effectiveness of the activity and ensure further improvement of similar ones. Quality Evaluation Committee (QEC) will be established consisted of representatives of EU partners.

Tasks :
Task 5.1: Quality Committee 
Task 5.2: Quality and Monitoring Plan 
Task 5.3: Quality and Monitoring Reports 
Task 5.4: External Evaluation

Quality plan
External Evaluation_Call for Applications
2nd HEALING Quality _ Monitoring report
3rd HEALING Quality _ Monitoring report
1st HEALING Quality _ Monitoring report_August 2020
4th HEALING Quality _ Monitoring report_January 2021
5th HEALING Quality _ Monitoring report_July 2022
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