HEALING Work Packages

In-depth analyses of the overall situation on Art Therapy in Education

Leader :
University College Limburg VZW
Co-Leaders :
Irbid National University & University of Sousse
About Work Package:
This work package aims at scoping the current situation on Art Therapy in Education. Education in the beneficiary partners including the extent of how the resources is represented in the study programmes, as well as identifying the real competences that have to be provided to teachers and students and verify the facilities of partners to develop the existing resources.
Tasks :
Task 1.1: In-depth Survey on State of art of of Art Therapy in Education).
Task 1.2: In-depth Survey on Teachers and Students Students Competences and awareness. 
Task 1.3: In-depth Survey on available facilities and resources. 
Task 1.4: Analysis of surveys’ results and elaboration of final Reports.

WP1 Report In depth analyses of the overall situation on Art therapy in Education
HEALING Paper 2 - Development of a Multidisciplinary Diploma on Art Therapy in Health Education Research Paper
HEALING Paper 1 - Creative Art Therapy for Improving Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Patients with Stroke Study Paper
HEALING Paper 3 - Tunisian Universities (Submitted paper)
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