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Created by the law n ° 86-80 of August 9th, 1986 , the university of Monastir took its new name under the decree n ° 91-1999 of December 31st, 1991 to become the University of the Center ensuring the scientific and pedagogical supervision on the settlements of the governorates of Sousse, Monastir, Kairouan and Mahdia. For the 1987-1988 academic year a little over 6,000 students were enrolled and spread over 13 institutions The University of the Center saw its numbers grow considerably from year to year, bringing together 45,000 students in 2000-2001 and nearly 60,000 in 30 institutions. On the occasion of the celebration of the Knowledge Day (July 16, 2004), the University of the Center is divided into 3 and received a new name "University of Sousse" , under Decree No. 2115-2004 of 02 September 2004 . The University of Sousse offers a wide range of academic and professional training in the Basic, Legal, Economic and Management Sciences, Technical, Agronomic, Medical, Paramedical, Arts and Crafts, Humanities and Humanities .
Team Member

Dr. Wassim Jomaa

Responsible and coordinator of the monitoring of the project
Team Member

Dr. Adel Bouallegue

Associate Professor and H2020 LEAR

Dr. Adel Bouallegue CV.pdfDr. Adel Bouallegue CV.pdf 

Team Member

Prof. Selma Ben Nasr

Co-coordinator of Tunisian team of the Healing project

Prof. Selma Ben Nasr CV.pdfProf. Selma Ben Nasr CV.pdf

Team Member

Bouraoui Mahmoud

Head of the Industrial electronics department​

Bouraoui Mahmoud CV.pdfBouraoui Mahmoud CV.pdf 

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