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The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is the largest state institution of higher learning in Greece, and among the largest universities in Europe. As all other Greek universities, it is a self-governed legal entity of public law and all major policy issues are determined by the Ministry of National Education and Religion. With a student body of about 125000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, over 2000 members of academic staff and approximately 1300 administrative and secretarial staff and specialised personnel, the University of Athens aims at excellence in both teaching and research in a significantly varied range of disciplines. The Faculties and their respective Departments, functioning within the 9 larger academic units entitled Schools, as well as a number of independent Faculties offer a wide range of undergraduate courses, leading to a Diploma equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree (Ptychio in Greek), after a minimum of four years of studies. Moreover, intra- and inter-Departmental programmes offer an expanding range of taught and research-based postgraduate degrees (183 postgraduate programs). It consists of nine (9) schools and 43 departments. More specifically, 1- SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT, NUTRITION AND SUSTAINABILITY 2- SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS & POLITICAL SCIENCES 3- SCHOOL OF EDUCATION 4- SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES 5- SCHOOL OF LAW 6- SCHOOL OF PHILOSOPHY 7- SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT SCIENCE 8- SCHOOL OF SCIENCE 9- SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY As far as School of Education is concerned, it consists of two (2) Departments: a) Department of Early Childhood Education and b) Department of Primary Education.
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Prof. Thomas Babalis

Dean of the School of Education​

Prof. Dr Thomas Babalis.pdfProf. Dr Thomas Babalis.pdf

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Prof. Ioannis Vrettos

Emeritus Professor at the Department of Primary Education​

Prof. Ioannis Vrettos.pdfProf. Ioannis Vrettos.pdf 

Team Member

Dr Konstantina (Nadia) Tsoli

Assistant Professor at the Department of Primary EducationDr. Konstantina (Nadia) Tsoli .pdfDr. Konstantina (Nadia) Tsoli .pdf 

Team Member

Sofia Papakonstantinou

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