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Irbid National University

Irbid National University (INU) was established in 1994 as a Non-Governmental Organization, it is a private university located in Irbid Governorate, far 75km north of Amman the capital of Jordan. The INU has a comprehensive urban campus. The university includes six Faculties: 1- Faculty of Arts, 2- Faculty of Science and Information Technology, 3- Faculty of Nursing, 4- Faculty of Law, 5- Faculty of Educational Sciences, 6- Faculty of Business Administration and financial sciences. INU is a motivated community of scholars and scientists (with 200 academic and administrative employees, and around 2,200 students) with a shared dedication to the quest of knowledge, the value of community service, and the importance of dialogue to a stable and flourishing society. INU aspires to be a distinguished university that could provide its students with the latest knowledge and information, and supply the labour market with highly innovative alumni that could participate in serving the community and humanity at large. It also works to develop its infrastructure to be an attractive environment for students from Jordan and neighbouring countries. The mission of the university is based on three axes, namely: quality education, scientific research, and serving community. Irbid Private works to create an academically attractive environment that stimulates technological innovation related to sustainable development, and improve interaction with the community to contribute to its development scientifically, economically, socially and culturally. Irbid National University is committed to its vision and mission in accordance with the principles of independence, freedom, and democracy, in an atmosphere of moral values, belonging, loyalty, dedication to work, transparency, justice, equal opportunities, and work in the spirit of one family
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Prof. Ahmad Al-Khasawneh

President of Irbid National University​ 

Prof. Ahmad Al-Khasawneh CV.pdfProf. Ahmad Al-Khasawneh CV.pdf

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Prof. Ahmad Al Odat

President Assistant and Dean of Science and Information Technology Faculty

Prof.  Ahmad Al Odat CV.pdfProf. Ahmad Al Odat CV.pdf

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Dr. Roqia Maabreh

Head of the Nursing Department

Dr. Roqia Maabreh .pdfDr. Roqia Maabreh .pdf

Team Member

Riyad Al-Dgheim

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