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Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, The Academy of Arts and Culture

The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek is a higher education institution realizing artistic and scientific courses of study at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels. Academy has six departments: Department of Music, Department of Instrumental Studies, Department of Visual and Media Arts, Department of Theatre, Department of Creative Technologies, Department of Culture, Media and Management In those six departments we offer 37 different majors to choose from. (10 on undergraduate level, 26 on graduate level and 1 on postgraduate level). On postgraduate level we offer Postgraduate specialist study programme CREATIVE THERAPIES (Art therapy, Drama therapy, Music therapy, Dance movement therapy) At the Academy in Osijek we encourage interdisciplinary approach among variety of artistic and scientific fields, whether their main area of study is applied art including use of creative technologies, theatre, fine art , music pedagogy, instrumental studies, media studies or cultural management. The Academy of Arts and Culture also develops and participate in numerous scientific, artistic or interdisciplinary projects, regionally, notionally and internationally with a strong goal of creating new audiences by educating general public about arts and science as well as establishing open intercultural dialogue.
Team Member

Berislav Jerkovic

Associate professor, Head of the Department of Music​

Berislav Jerkovic CV.pdfBerislav Jerkovic CV.pdf

Team Member

Antoaneta Radocaj Jerkovic

Associate Professor, Vice-Dean for Students and Education.​

Antoaneta Radocaj Jerkovic.pdfAntoaneta Radocaj Jerkovic.pdf

Team Member

Tihana Skojo

Assistant  Professor​

Tihana Skojo.pdfTihana Skojo.pdf

Team Member

Vuk Ognjenovic

Assistant  Professor​

Vuk Ognjenovic.pdfVuk Ognjenovic.pdf

Team Member

Sanela Jankovic Marusic

Assistant  Professor​

Sanela Jankovic Marusic.pdfSanela Jankovic Marusic.pdf

Team Member

Antonija Matic

​Head of the Department for Science, Art, EU Projects and Programmes and Interinstitutional Cooperation at the Academy of Arts and Culture​

Antonija Matic CV.pdfAntonija Matic CV.pdf

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