HEALING Training

HEALING PROJECT local meeting - Jordan


WP 7: Project Coordination

Lead University: University of Jordan
Co-Lead University: All

Date : 8/6/2021

A meeting of Healing project was held on Wednesday, 10/6/2021 at the University of Jordan between the project coordinator and the partners from Jordanian universities to
study the scale of the project.
​​In the presence of both:
  • Project Coordinator: Prof. Ahmed Al-Salaima ,University of Jordan
  • Dean of the Faculty of Arts: Prof. Ramy Haddad, University of Jordan
  • Dr. Mohamed Al-Shareda, University of Jordan
  • Dr. Mohamed Nazal, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
  • Dr. Ghaidaa Abu Rumman , Isra University, Jordan
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Oudat, Irbid National University, Jordan
  • Dr. Dr. Ayman Al-Sharaa, Hashemite University Jordan
  • Joyce Sponsor, University of Jordan
  • Project workers: Eng. Rasha Albik, Eng SarahTawisi, Ms. Hanan Hassan​​

HEALING PROJECT local meeting-report.pdf

MOM-HEALING local JO Meeting 08.06.2021.pdf


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