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Training workshop - The Hashemite University


WP3.​Capacity Building and Training Workshops

Lead University: Universidade Católica Portuguesa UCP

Co-Lead University: Hashemite University & University of Sfax

Date:  17.07.2021.

In a harmonious convergence of knowledge and compassion, the Healing Team at the Hashemite University orchestrated their inaugural workshop, a virtual event that resonated with the promise of transformation and growth. This landmark gathering, held on July 17, 2021, brought together individuals committed to understanding the profound connections between creativity, therapy, and the journey towards holistic well-being.

Harnessing the digital landscape, the workshop found its virtual home on the ZOOM platform, transcending physical barriers to unite participants from various corners of the world. This modern approach was a testament to the Healing Team's commitment to disseminating knowledge and fostering connections in an ever-evolving landscape.

The first ray of enlightenment emerged through the workshop titled "The Effect of Drawing on Hand Activities After Brain Injury". Delivered by an expert in the field, this session shed light on the therapeutic potential of drawing as a means to restore and strengthen hand activities following brain injuries. Participants were guided through a nuanced exploration of how artistic expression can serve as a conduit for rehabilitation, fostering dexterity and cognitive reintegration.

Another captivating workshop unfolded as participants delved into the realm of "Learning About Drama and Movement Therapy". This session peeled back the layers of these dynamic therapeutic methodologies, unveiling how the expressive power of drama and the fluidity of movement can be harnessed to facilitate emotional release, self-discovery, and personal transformation.

The Hashemite University's commitment to holistic well-being was evident in every aspect of this workshop. The virtual platform facilitated a seamless exchange of ideas, while the carefully curated workshops bore testament to the institution's dedication to innovative, multi-faceted healing approaches.

As the virtual echoes of the workshop lingered, participants departed with a heightened understanding of the intricate links between creativity, therapy, and recovery. The Hashemite University's inaugural workshop not only illuminated new pathways for healing but also laid the foundation for future endeavors that will undoubtedly enrich lives, foster connections, and offer hope in the face of challenges.

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