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Isra University Second Workshop


WP3. Capacity Building and Training Workshops
Lead University: Universidade Católica Portuguesa UCP
Co-Lead University: Hashemite University & University of Sfax

Date : 06.07.2021

In the heart of knowledge and innovation, Isra University orchestrated its second captivating workshop in July. This transformative event illuminated the intersection of creativity, well-being, and mental health, reaffirming the institution's commitment to holistic growth and education.
The workshop's inaugural session set the tone with an insightful exploration of the "Health and Psychological Benefits of Choral Singing," delivered by the esteemed Dr. Antoaneta Radocaj from Strossmayer University of Osijek. As participants tuned in, the captivating discourse unfurled the healing potential of harmonious voices united in song, shedding light on the profound impact of choral singing on individual well-being.
A symphony of knowledge unfolded as subsequent lectures enriched the minds and hearts of attendees:
"Classroom Music to Strengthen Social Skills Through Music" - Delivered by Prof. Dirk Hubinger, Founder of the German Arab Musical Institution, Germany. Through this session, participants gained insights into the transformative role of music as a vehicle for nurturing social skills, fostering camaraderie, and transcending cultural divides.
"The Effect of Singing in Mental Health" - Presented by Dr. Heba Khawas from Lebanon. This session delved into the intricate connection between singing and mental well-being, highlighting how the act of vocal expression can be a powerful conduit for emotional release and healing.
"The Power of Drawing on Improving Our Mental Health" - Facilitated by Dr. Rasmeyeh Al Emar from Isra University. Participants explored the therapeutic realm of visual expression, discovering how art, particularly drawing, can serve as a medium for self-discovery, emotional catharsis, and mental wellness.
"The Effectiveness of Musical Activities on Reducing Stress Among Battered Women in the Women's Shelter and the Social, Psychological, and Legal Guidelines in the Arab Women's Union" - Brought to light by Mrs. Lara Elayan from Jordan University. This illuminating discourse underscored the potent role of musical activities in mitigating stress, particularly within vulnerable populations, while also addressing the broader social, psychological, and legal contexts.
Isra University's workshop series emerged as a tapestry of wisdom, woven together by experts who illuminated the diverse ways in which the arts intersect with mental health and well-being. The event transcended the realm of traditional education, leaving attendees with an enriched understanding of how creativity and expression can bridge gaps, heal wounds, and elevate the human spirit. As participants departed, the echoes of knowledge continued to resonate, planting seeds of growth and transformation that will undoubtedly flourish in the days to come.

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