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Call for External Evaluator - HEALING Project



In the framework of Erasmus + project, entitled "Developing a Multidisciplinary Diploma on Art Therapy in Health Education" with acronym "HEALING" 

The University of Jordan, general project coordinator is currently looking for an external evaluator for the HEALING project: Developing a Multidisciplinary Diploma on Art Therapy in Health Education
HEALING Project is a three-year project, co-funded by the European Commission's Erasmus+ programme and coordinated by the University of Jordan, Amman – Jordan.


The project intends is to develop a multidisciplinary diploma in Art therapy in Health Education as well as to Establish Art Therapy Centre in each partner university.


The main objective of the project is to represent and encourage the development of Arts Therapy education in partner countries, in particular, to design professional educational program (e-learning package) that will enable all staff and students working with patients with long term conditions to offer their patients art-based therapeutic activities.


An independent external evaluation of the project will be carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of the project in terms of its objectives. The evaluator shall make an overall independent assessment about the performance of the project (including structure, management, activities, outcomes and results), as well as provide recommendations for continuance and sustainability, identify key lessons and propose suggestions for possible follow‐up actions.



Details of the call:


The implementation of the External Quality Evaluation of the Project includes:

1- The use of independent tools (e.g. questionnaires, personal interviews) to assess the

implementation of the project and its deliverables;

2- The preparation of an External Quality Report every 6 months as described in the

Quality and Evaluation Plan of the Project;

3- Any other contribution to the project that derives from the Quality and Monitoring

4- Plan and its possible future amendments or specific requests made by the EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Agency).

Deliverables of the implemented work: 6 Quality Assessment reports

Duration: From the day of the signature of the agreement until 15/01/2023

Candidates are invited to send their CV and motivation letter by 31/03/2021

1- Quality and Control Work package leader email address: tbabalis@primedu.uoa.gr (contact phone 2103688507, 6977456333).

2- HEALING Project email address: Art.therapy@ju.edu.jo (Contact phone 96265355000, Ext. 22816).

Please do not hesitate to share this call among your colleagues and partner institutions.

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