HEALING Project Activities

National Workshop in Jordan – Irbid National University


WP2​:Curricula Development

Leader  UniversityUniversity of Brescia
Co-Leaders : Al-Isra'a University & University of Gabes

Date: 20.5.2023 

National Stakeholders workshop was conducted in Jordan on May 20th,2023 with the attendance of more than 100 participants at Irbid National University to discuss the HEALING programs, clusters and feedback given from stakeholders. Also, to discuss the pilot of HEALING programs in Jordanian Universities.

A momentous gathering of educators, policymakers, and stakeholders unfolded on May 20, 2023, at the esteemed Irbid National University in Jordan. This significant event marked the convening of the National Stakeholders Workshop on HEALING Programs, orchestrated by the Leader University, University of Brescia, in collaboration with Co-Leaders Al-Isra'a University and University of Gabes.

With a participation exceeding 100 attendees, this workshop stood as a vibrant platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and dialogue among academia, industry leaders, and community representatives. United by a shared vision of enhancing higher education, participants came together to deliberate over the innovative HEALING programs, their clusters, and most importantly, the invaluable feedback provided by stakeholders.
The event's central focus was on the pioneering HEALING (Higher Education and Applied Learning for INclusive Growth) programs, aimed at fostering holistic development and inclusive progress within the educational landscape. In an atmosphere charged with enthusiasm, attendees delved into spirited discussions on program structures, curricular enhancements, and the integration of real-world skills into academic offerings.
A pivotal highlight of the workshop was the insightful discourse on the pilot implementation of HEALING programs across Jordanian universities. Through lively debates and collaborative brainstorming, participants explored the intricacies of executing these programs within the unique contexts of their respective institutions. Lessons from successful pilot projects, challenges encountered, and best practices were openly shared, fostering a spirit of mutual learning and continuous improvement.
The National Stakeholders Workshop transcended geographical boundaries and nurtured an environment of cross-border cooperation. By facilitating conversations among key players in the education ecosystem, the workshop set the stage for transformative change and innovation in higher education. The collective dedication and zeal of all attendees reinforced the workshop's significance as a catalyst for educational reform and societal advancement.
As the workshop concluded, its impact reverberated beyond the confines of the event space. Attendees left with renewed determination, fortified connections, and a shared commitment to propel HEALING programs forward, enriching educational experiences and empowering learners with the tools needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.
The National Stakeholders Workshop on HEALING Programs served as a testament to the potential of collaboration, laying the groundwork for a brighter, more inclusive future in higher education across Jordan and beyond.

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