HEALING Project Activities

Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek


​WP3.Capacity Building and Training Workshops

Lead University: Universidade Católica Portuguesa UCP
Co-Lead University: Hashemite University & University of Sfax

Implementation workshop for Tunis and Jordan partners was held on 18 th of May at Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek,started by a welcome word from the Project
Coordinator, Prof. Ahmed Al-Salaymeh.
There was several partners who talked about HEALING Project.
Dr. Wafika Al-Thaher presented HEALING Project implementation at Isra University.
Dr. Wassim Jomaa presented HEALING Project implementation at University of Sousse.
Ms. Joyce AlRaie presented HEALING Project implementation at The University of Jordan.
Prof. Mohammad Nazzal presented HEALING Project implementation at Jordan University of  Science and Technology.





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