HEALING Project Activities

ECTS 2nd online workshop


WP1 :In-depth analyses of the overall situation on Art Therapy in Education​.

Lead University: University College Limburg VZW
Co-Lead University: Irbid National University & University of Sousse

In a collaborative endeavor that transcended borders, the University of Jordan and University College Limburg came together on March 12, 2021, to orchestrate an enlightening workshop centered around the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). This transformative event, marked by the convergence of academia and international cooperation, saw the participation of over 30 enthusiastic attendees. As the workshop unfolded, the sentiment "Sharing Knowledge is Free" echoed, a sentiment expressed by Prof. Ahmed Al-Salaymeh, who warmly welcomed all participants.

The workshop's digital domain provided the canvas for this harmonious exchange of insights. With a diverse assembly of educators and learners, the event was an embodiment of the collaborative spirit that drives educational growth.

Mr. Sebastiaan Jans, hailing from University College Limburg, took the stage as a beacon of expertise. In his enlightening session, he intricately unraveled the nuances of the ECTS System. Attendees were guided through the intricacies of this internationally recognized credit system, gaining insights into its mechanisms, benefits, and its role in fostering seamless academic mobility and credit transfer within the European higher education landscape.

This workshop not only symbolized the power of cross-border academic collaboration but also highlighted the commitment of both institutions to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and enhance educational experiences. Through this event, attendees delved into a realm of transparency, efficiency, and harmony in credit recognition and accumulation.

As the virtual echoes of the workshop lingered, attendees departed with enriched perspectives on the ECTS System. The University of Jordan and University College Limburg's joint initiative became a milestone in the ongoing journey to foster international understanding, elevate educational standards, and promote the ethos that knowledge knows no boundaries. 

The seeds of shared insights planted during this workshop will undoubtedly flourish, nurturing the growth of collaboration and unity in the educational realm.​

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