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Event on Art Therapy - University of Gabes


WP6: Dissemination & Exploitation
Lead University: Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Co-Lead University: Irbid National University & University of Sfax

Date:  29.05.2021

Amid the vibrant cultural tapestry of Gabes, the University of Gabes hosted a captivating Dissemination Event that illuminated the profound impact of Art Therapy on the human experience. With an engaged audience of 30 individuals, this event not only showcased the essence of the HEALING project but also provided a glimpse into the world of Art Therapy—a journey of healing and self-discovery.

The HEALING project took center stage as it was succinctly presented, encapsulating its essence and objectives. Attendees were invited to delve into a visionary initiative that aims to harness the therapeutic potential of art to facilitate emotional and psychological healing. The project's aspirations and accomplishments resonated throughout the gathering, igniting a spark of curiosity and enthusiasm among the attendees.

A focal point of the event was the unveiling of the diploma program in Art Therapy—a profound offering by the University of Gabes. Through an intricate description, the diploma's curriculum, philosophy, and scope were laid bare. Attendees were granted a sneak peek into the comprehensive journey that students embarking on this program would undertake, cultivating skills to guide individuals toward emotional well-being through artistic expression.

The true essence of the event was encapsulated in the introduction to Art Therapy, a riveting discourse that illuminated the therapeutic potential of artistic creation. Attendees were guided through the transformative impact of channeling emotions, experiences, and narratives into creative outlets, offering a pathway to release, understanding, and healing. The power of images, colors, and textures as a language of the soul was explored, fostering a collective appreciation for the profound connections between creativity and emotional well-being.
A highlight of the event was the esteemed presence of Dr. Giovanni Mirabella from the University of Brescia. His expertise and insight radiated as he delivered a comprehensive presentation on the Introduction to Art Therapy. Attendees were captivated by his eloquence as he unraveled the foundational principles and practices that underpin this therapeutic discipline. Dr. Mirabella's discourse transcended the event, leaving a lasting impression on all who were fortunate to listen.

As the Dissemination Event drew to a close, the aura of inspiration lingered. Attendees departed with a newfound appreciation for the artistry of healing, armed with knowledge that creativity possesses the power to mend the spirit and illuminate the path toward emotional wellness. The University of Gabes' event served as a beacon, a testament to the beauty of art as a universal language of healing and hope.

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