The University of Jordan



work has appeared in the following j

Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications (Springer)

- Applied Mathematics and Computations (Elsevier)​

- Applied Mathematical Modelling​​ (Elsevier)​

- SUT Journal of Mathematics​ (Publisher: ​Science University of Tokyo)

I have served as a reviewer for the following journals

- Mathematical Reviews (MathSciNet, American Mathematical Society)
- Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications (Springer)
- Journal of Global Optimization (Springer)
- Optimization Methods and Software (Taylor & Francis)
- Optimization and Engineering (Springer)
- Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (Elsevier)
- International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics (Springer)
- Journal of Supercomputing (Springer)
- Arabian Journal of Mathematics (Springer)
- IEEE Access​ (Publisher: ​Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)​
- Special Matrices (Publisher: De Gruyter Open Ltd.)​
- FILOMAT (Publisher: Universitet of Nis)
- Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences (Publisher: ​Natural Sciences Publishing)​
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