The University of Jordan


Teaching at The University of Jordan:-

Graduate Courses:

 Integer Optimization​​ / Doctorate.

 Convex Optimization​ / Doctorate.

 Nonlinear Optimization​ / Master​.

Undergraduate Courses:

 Linear Optimization.

 Numerical Methods.

 Advanced Calculus.

 Linear Algebra I.

 Real Analysis I.

 Ordinary Differential Equations I.​

 Engineering Mathematics II.
 Engineering Mathematics I.

 Discrete Mathematics. (Lecture notes available!).​

 Principles of Statistics. (Lecture notes available!).

 Calculus II​​I.

 Calculus II. (Lecture notes available!).
 Calculus I. (Lecture notes available!).​

Teaching Experience in the United States:-

I taught mathematics courses at 4 academic institutions in the United States. The following table summarizes my teaching experience in the U.S.:

Courses (Co-)Taught

Primary Role



CSE 2321 and CSE 5032

Foundations I – Discrete Structures

Main Instructor

The Ohio State University

Fall 2020

Fall 2019​

MATH 3301

Introduction to Optimization in Operations Research

Main Instructor

University of Colorado Denver

Fall 2012

MATH 2411

Calculus II

Main Instructor

University of Colorado Denver

Fall 2012

MATH 201

Finite Mathematics for Business and Economics

Main Instructor

Washington State


Summer 2010

MATH 140

Mathematics for Life Scientists

Teaching Assistant

Washington State


Spring 2010

MATH 231

Calculus and Analytic Geometry

Teaching Assistant

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Fall 2009