The project aims to develop the Jordanian olive sector, which is important for the Jordanian economy. This goal was achieved through the cooperation between UJ (University of Jordan) and EU (European Commission) as well as the other Jordanian partners to accomplish the following:


1. Establishing the training center that provides training services for people working in the field of the Jordanian olive sector and olive industry so as to increase their professional qualifications. The training either theoretical and practical is in processing technology, sensory evaluation, physicochemical analysis of olives and olive oil, as well as to provide information to the olive farmers about proper practices in harvesting, handling and storage of olives and olive oil. 

2. Improving the quality of the Jordanian olives and olive oil to comply with the IOC standards.


3. Implementing teaching courses with disciplines and topics related to the olives and olive oil technology and exchange teaching staff and graduated students. Such activity will aid in supporting the MSc degree program in olives and olive oil production and processing that will start by 2016 / 2017 academic year at the University of Jordan.​