The overall  objective of the GEWAMED is to contribute  to the mainstreaming of gender dimensions in the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)  in the Mediterranean Region, by promoting a dialogue among the countries of the Region and establishing regional and national information networks and coordination structures to promote the adoption of gender sensitive policies  and build a common knowledge base. The above mentioned objective will be achieved through the following strategic objectives:
  1.  Building a national and regional shared knowledge base on gender issues, policies, actions and  measures  to support gender mainstreaming  in all processes related to sustainable water resources development and management.
  2. Enhance the cooperation and dialogue among Mediterranean countries but also within each country  promoting  the exchange of information and its dissemination  among national governmental agencies, NGO´s research institutions, international organizations, private sector and communication media  involved in gender related issues and the water sector.
  3. Promote the adoption of national policies and other related instruments (strategies, approaches, guidelines, incentives and legislation) by involving decision makers and politicians  in the processes of mainstreaming  gender dimensions in the planning, development and management of water resources.
  4. Improve the institutional capacity building and the understanding of  gender issues of all stakeholders involved in the processes of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).