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About Us

Jordanian Association of Faculties of Pharmacy


Founded in 2014, the Jordanian Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (JACP) is a national organization representing pharmacy education in Jordan. The mission of the Association is to represent and work as an advocate for the academic community in the profession of pharmacy in Jordan. That community comprises 16 Faculties and schools with pharmacy degree programs. In Jordan Pharmacy professionals are the third largest health profession (after nursing and medicine) with over 19000 pharmacist registered by the Jordanian Pharmacist Association. These pharmacist are practicing in community pharmacies, hospitals, drug industry, Jordanian food and drug administration, and other health care and health regulatory settings.


JACP Mission Statement:

The Jordanian Association of Faculties of Pharmacy mission is to work with its members to provide forums for exchange of information and interaction between its members. It recognizes the fact that diversity is inherent among ​of pharmacy. However, it believes that it is essential to acknowledge an outstanding performance in its member educators. The Association places great value on high caliber of professionalism among its staff. It also advocates assisting member Faculties and schools in meeting their mission of educating and training pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. The Association recognizes its responsibility in providing leadership, and advancing and enhancing the quality of pharmacy education. The Association appreciate the importance role academic pharmacy plays and shares with the broader profession of pharmacy in leading efforts in improving rational medication use.

JACP Objectives:

·         Improvement in pharmacy education 

·         To be a center for data gathering, analysis, and information

·         To be an advocate for professionalism

·         To be an advocate for pharmacist’s role in medication use

·         To facilitate open discussion, debate and networking

To be a leader in educational innovation among health professions educators​