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Al-Azhar University

​Mission The University of Al-Azhar plans to be the world's leading university in providing both applied scince and the right Islamic thought, based on moderation, achieving merit and excellence in the field of university education and scientific research and preparing cadres at the local, regional and global levels in an environment characterized by independence, freedom, democracy and equality to sustainable development. Azhar university is one of the oldest and largest institutions of research and education in the world. Al-Azhar university is a distinct university because it serves the larger geographical scale of Egypt. It includes 90 faculties distributed in 23 campuses over governorates in the Arab Republic of Egypt. We have 342151 undergraduate students (325080 Egyptian students and 17071 foreign students) in 200 programs and 17704 post-graduate students in Ph.D., M.Sc. and Diploma Programs (16416 Egyptian students and 1288 foreign students). It contained more than 17576 staff members and 19355 employees. The offered programs for study in health and medical sciences, humanities, law, science, engineering, social sciences, climate change, agriculture, Islamic study and theology. The university aims to prepare students for a broad range of jobs in the private and public sectors. For this reason, education at the university covers specific skills and scientific methods as well as other more theoretical skills that will enable graduates to improve their qualifications. The international cooperation is one of the main pillars of the university's work because of our belief in the mission of the university that the more its spread in the world, the more its progress and its position will improve on the local, regional, and international levels. The university seeks through international cooperation to excellence through partnerships, cooperation agreements, grants, and international projects with a number of high-quality universities and institutions around the world that increase the university's points of excellence. The project could offer valuable opportunity to further develop learning infrastructure of the university and boost its international cooperation. The project activities are aligned with the development strategies of university: international partnership, professional and social development, promoting innovation and international competitiveness and practice-oriented education.​


Prof. Mohammad Farag
Project Coordinator​
Prof. Mahmohud Seddik
Team Member
Prof. Yasser Helmy
Team Member
Dr. Shhaima Abd Alaziz
Team Member
Dr. Rasha Abu Taleb
Team Member

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