Vocational Training Diploma on Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles / ECO-CAR


The workshop conducted online on 23rd of June 2021. The workshop includes giving an overview of the nature of the project, its objectives and the partners working in it,

as well as other topics related to batteries. This workshop conducted in-cooperation between the University of Jordan and  RWTH-Aachen in Germany.

This workshop is published on ECO-CAR YouTube channel.

Attendance certificates were circulated to the attendance of the workshop.

Poster: Batteries Workshop Poster.pngBatteries Workshop Poster.png

Agenda: Introduction to Batteries Workshop Agenda.pdfIntroduction to Batteries Workshop Agenda.pdf

Invitations: Batteries Workshop Invitation.pdfBatteries Workshop Invitation.pdf

Attendance list: List of attendance ECO-CAR batteries.xlsxList of attendance ECO-CAR batteries.xlsx
Youtube Video: Introduction to Batteries ​

Report: Batteries online Workshop Report.pdfBatteries online Workshop Report.pdf