The program would never achieve the expected success without the cooperation and support of many relevant organizations in the success represented in overcoming all obstacles which prevent achievement of the program's objectives. The National Commission combined efforts to support the program through a selection of opinion leaders in the industrial sector and research bodies, academic, and that led to all the appropriate conditions for the delivery of the program in a way that we see now. It is also supporting the role of the base engine, which tirelessly all efforts will be successful through cooperation in supporting the program financially to achieve its goals in terms of their participation encouraged.
Some of the sponsors are:
- Jordan Upgrading and Modernization Program (JUMP).
- The Higher Council for Science and Technology
- National Fund for Enterprise Support (NAFES).
- Business & Export Development Project for Jordanian Enterprises (Tatweer).
- Jordan Chamber of Industry.
- Amman Chamber of Industry.
- Irbid Chamber of Industry.
- Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.
- Nuqul group.
- The Industrial Development Bank.