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Dr. Baha Alzalg is an Associate Professor in Mathematics Department at The University of Jordan. Dr. Alzalg is an expert in Optimization Theory and Algorithms. His research focus is mainly on interior-point methods for convex optimization. Internationally, Dr. Alzalg is also affiliated to CSE Dept at The Ohio State University in Columbus where he works as a Visiting Associate Professor.​


button_new-animated.gifSpetember 25th, 2020: Dr. Alzalg will give an invited lecture in the NIU Math Department Colloquium, Dekalb, Illinois.
button_new-animated.gifDecember 15th, 2019: Our paper "Log barrier decomposition IPMs for SLP in a Hilbert space" is accepted in Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization​.​​
button_new-animated.gifDecember 7th, 2019: Dr. Alzalg is listed as an international optimization expert in Expertise Finder.
button_new-animated.gifSeptember 2nd, 2019: Dr. Alzalg is a member of the program committee​ for the Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
button_new-animated.gifAugust 1st, 2019: Dr. Alzalg joined The Ohio State Universu​​ity as a CSE Visiting Associate Professor​.
button_new-animated.gifFebruary 6th, 2019: Our paper "A log barrier IMP based on majorant functions for SOCP" is accepted in Optimization Letters.​​

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Welcome To Our Website!