Developing of HEBA Courses
Developing of HEBA Courses

Lebanese University (LU)
Task 2.1: Creation of a detailed syllabus
Task 2.2: Elaboration of didactic materials for Train-the-Trainers seminars and e-course 
Task 2.3: Seminars and e-course for the Train-the-Trainers 
Task 2.4: Elaboration of contents for HEBA Master modules
WP2:Developing Of HEBA CoursesHEBA_Report_ToT_03.09-07.09.2018_Innsbruck
WP2:Developing Of HEBA CoursesHEBA_Report_ToT_14.01-18.01.2019_Sapienza
WP2:Developing Of HEBA CoursesHEBA_Report_ToT_18.02-22.02.2019_Hamburg
WP2:Developing Of HEBA CoursesHEBA_Report_ToT_11.03-15.03.2019_Innsbruck
WP2:Developing Of HEBA CoursesHEBA_Report_ToT_08.07-12.07.2019_Cyprus

High Level Renewable and Energy Efficiency Master Courses

ERASMUS+ Programme – HEBA Project Number: 585740-EPP-1-2017-1-AT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP