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Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Porto Polytechnic)

With about 20.000 students in its eight schools, the Porto Polytechnic (IPP) is excellence in higher education and a space of ideas and results. IPP is a dynamo of cultural change, in the city, in the region and in the country. IPP ranks fourth among Portuguese higher education institutions and is the fifth in number of students. The School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE) is a national and international reference for higher education in arts. It features three departments - music, theatre and image arts - which rely on the devotion and commitment of 800 students and over 100 teaching staff. A postgraduate programme in Dance was created in 2016, in cooperation with Teatro Municipal do Porto. The R&D GILT - Games, Interaction and Learning Technologies is a structure, located in ISEP, focused on the analysis, design, development and dissemination of the scientific and technical knowledge in the areas of Digital Art, Serious Games, Computer Graphics, Multimedia, Person-Machine Interaction and Learning Technologies. GILT seeks to establish the basis for a systematic work on research and development, linking it with post-graduate activities, especially at Masters and PhD and through joint initiatives with other institutions, public or private, national or international.
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