Quality Control and Monitoring


  • Category:Quality Plan
  • Leader:University of Padova
  • Tasks:Task 6.1: Quality Committee
    Task 6.2: Quality and Monitoring Plan
    Task 6.3: Quality and Monitoring Reports
    Task 6.4: External Evaluation

Work Package Description

​- Quality control and monitoring of the project implementation will oversee all the tasks necessary to ensure that the project is running within the scope, on time, and of expected quality. Internal as well as external quality mechanisms will function. The lead partner for WP.6 is P13-Padova University and it will take care of overall implementation and reporting for WP6.

- The project coordinator (UJ) will carry out biannual monitoring of activities within each WP. They will monitor progress and track milestones of each WP implementation, and regularly communicate to respective WP lead partners. The monitoring activities will include progress review, study of documents and review of interim, partial or pilot products/outputs. ​