Vocational Training Diploma on Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles / ECO-CAR

Work packages




Developing ECO-CAR Professional Diploma



Co-leader: TH-OWL, RWTH Aachen, UNIVAQ


WP5 aims to develop and pilot ECO-CAR Professional Diploma in each partner university in Jordan; the activities will start by developing the study plan with courses descriptions to be submitted for accreditation purposes. The accreditation will be done according to the national accreditation system and the specific instruction in each university. The diploma will consist of 8 courses in (24 Credit Hours= 40 ECTS) that will be implemented in each participating university.


Task 5.1: Develop Diploma Study Plan and course description
Task 5.2: Virtual Learning Portal
Task 5.3: Accreditation of the diploma/courses
Task 5.4: Develop courses content
Task 5.5: Tuning Workshop
Task 5.6: Piloting and implementation of ECO-CAR Professional Diploma
Task 5.7: Integrating some new modules in existing programmes