Vocational Training Diploma on Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles / ECO-CAR


​Deliverable 5.5 in the proposal focused on The Tuning Workshop, designed to enhance the quality of teaching for professors across Partner Universities and the development of degree programs. 

The tuning workshop took place on November 14th and 15th, 2023, at the Applied Science Private University on the first day and at Al Hussein Technical University on the second day. Dr. Ivan Dyukarev and Dr. Jon García Barruetabeña from the University of Deusto participated in delivering the tuning workshop, where Dr. Ivan participated in person and Dr. Jon virtually.​ 34 participants attended the workshop in total for the two days.

Agenda: UD visit-Tuning workshop Agenda.pdf

Attendance sheet for the 1st Day: Day 1 ASU.pdf

Attendance sheet for the 2nd Day: Day 2 HTU.pdf

Report: Tuning workshop report.pdf

photo ud.png