Vocational Training Diploma on Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles / ECO-CAR


​A workshop (INFO-DAY) was conducted at the University of Jordan to disseminate the Professional diploma at the Faculty of Engineering.

The workshop started with an Introduction speech from the Coordinator of the ECO-CAR project Prof. Ahmed Al-Salaymeh, also a brief presentation about the project and its objectives was presented to the audience.

After this, the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department Dr. Moudar Zgoul pointed out the importance of Career-oriented diplomas for the graduates.

The Head of the Mechatronics Engineering Department Prof. Osama Habahbeh introduced the study plan for the professional diploma.

Finally Eng. Rasha Al-Baik presented the difference between Master's and Professional Diplomas for undergraduates. 


Attendance Sheet: Attendance sheet.pdf