Vocational Training Diploma on Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles / ECO-CAR


Info-Day of the ECO-CAR Project at MU was conducted by the MU ECO-EAR team during career day at the university where detailed information about the different diplomas was provided to participants, also distribution of Promotional Materials for ECO-CAR project among staff members and students.

The project has been introduced on local, national, and international levels. Locally, MU staff and students and local representatives have been involved in the event and all queries were answered. Nationally, the event occurred during career day and many local, and national companies and training centers attended the event. This gave an impression to attract guests from national associations. The ECO-CAR team members have listened to the audience and documented their needs to be implemented in the project tasks.

Report: MU info-day Report.pdfMU info-day Report.pdf