April 21, 2009

The UNESCO Chair has conducted several capacity building training workshops at the regional and international levels. The international training course on Wadi Hydrology is organized by the chair on annual basis. The Chair also organized the Second International Conference on Wadi Hydrology which was held in Amman, Jordan 1-4 July 2003. The Chair was designated to coordinate the activities of the virtual laboratories for drying lakes targeting the Dead Sea.
The Chair commitment to sharing knowledge has been reflected by a significant number of research activities in the area of water resources management toward the 21st century. The chair is acting as an umbrella for supported research projects funded by different organization mainly by European Commission. So far, Several research projects funded by the EU are being executed under the supervision of the chair; They are: SMART, OPTIMA, DIMAS, and IRRIMED. The Chair is participating in five thematic networks and specific support action projects funded by the EU also; they are: WASAMED, MEDCOASTLAND, GEWAMED, MELIA and SOWAMED (for more details, please go to EU Projects).
OPTIMA Stakeholder Workshop
 Under the activities of OPTIMA Project we organized a stakeholder workshop on May 16, 2006 in cooperation with corridoio.zero. The workshop was attended by about 30 persons representing different agencies who are involved in water issues in Zarqa river basin.

Water and Culture Seminar
In cooperation with the the National IHP Committee and the support of the UNESCO office in Amman, the Chair organized one day workshop entitled “ Water and Culture” on Tuesday May 30, 2006 under the patronage of the Minster of Water and Irrigation and the President of the University of Jordan. This events is an annual activity organized by the Chair and IHP Committee. Water and Culture is considered as a major theme of the seventh program of the IHP. The aim of this workshop was to educate the public on the issues of water scarcity and conflict resolution management. The following papers were presented:
  • Water and the Arabic Culture. By Dr. Abdul-Kareem Gharaibeh.
  • The Drought and its Effect on Social, Cultural and Economical Activities. By Dr. Dr. Issa al-Nsour.
  • Water Conflict about Water distribution and Allocation and Conflict Resolution Mechanism in Jordan. By Dr. Muhammad Shatanawi.
  • Cultural and Heritage Methods for Water Management in Jordan. By Dr. Yasin al -Zu’bi.
  • The Impact of Cultural and Social Activities on Watershed Management. By Eng. Susan Kilani and Eng. Ali Subah.