April 21, 2009
Professor Muhammad Shatanawi
is the Chair Holder in Wadi Hydrology and a Professor in Water  Resources and Irrigation, has diverse and wide experience of more than twenty five years in water resources and irrigation management, water and agriculture policy, irrigation systems, hydrology of arid areas, and environmental impact of water projects. He is coordinating many research projects funded by EU and UNESCO.
 Dr.  Shatanawi was the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture (1999-2003) and the director of Water and Environment Research and Study Centre (1992-1999). He worked as an FAO expert in the North Western Coastal Zone of Egypt in water resources management. He is a member of many scientific committees, the chief editor and member of the editorial boards of many scientific journals in water policy, water planning and agricultural water management. Dr. Shatanawi has more than 50 publications in water resources and irrigation management, water policy, hydrology of arid region and the use of reclaimed water for irrigation. Professor Shatanawi holds a Ph. D. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California.  E mail:
Eng. Sawsan Naber
is the administrator and technical assistant of the chair at the University of Jordan. Since 1999, Ms. Naber has been working in the and irrigation that are supported by EU and UNESCO. Ms. Naber has excellent skills in computer and using of models. She worked also as administrative assistant for the Agro- Biodiversity Project and Strengthening Farm Mechanization Project which both are funded by UNDP. She has become the person in charge of gender issues in water and irrigation. She participates in three major conferences and workshops dealing with the role of women in water management. She is now a partner and assistance coordinator of a new project dealing with establishing a thematic network on gender and water in the Mediterranean countries (GEWAMED).    E mail: