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Overview& Objectives

UJ/ Aqaba Summer School offers one program Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages (ASOL) designed to bring together high school, undergraduate and graduate students of various academic backgrounds as well as people interested in Arabic from all over the world to learn and enjoy their holidays in a unique academic and cultural environment.

The aim of the program is to provide participants with an exciting opportunity to deepen their own expertise by enhancing their knowledge of Arabic language and its culture through exchanging ideas with academics, local people and students from different cultural environments. The program combines intensive academic courses with cultural, social, and recreational opportunities. The 2015 Summer School is intended for absolute beginners or students with some knowledge in Arabic, This summer school offers level (A) and level (B) in Arabic for beginners.                           

By participating in UJ/Aqaba Summer School, participants will benefit not only from enhancing their intellectual resources through the classes and field visits, but also from sharing their experiences with other participants and UJ/ Aqaba students in various social and cultural events. Intercultural experience is also a key element of the program.

To whom it’s addressed

UJ/Aqaba Summer School offers ona programs (Arabic for Speakers of other Languages ( ASOL))   ...                    

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Photo Gallery

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Course Location

1. On – campus lectures.

2. On – location instruction.


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