A field visit School of Science

Accreditation and Quality Assurance Center (AQAC) has made a field visit to School of Science on Thursday 3/5/2018 within an integrated program that includes all UJ’s schools; to check the following aspects :      

·         Recommendations sent by AQAC.
·         Views of stakeholders in programs such as students, graduates, employers, academics, and related organizations and their satisfaction with the quality of Curriculums.
·         Availability of Intended Learning Outcomes approved by UJ’s Committee.
·         Availability of a study showing the compatibility of learning and teaching methods with intended learning outcomes. 
·         Meetings with students, especially postgraduate students.
·         Meetings with the Dean, deputies, assistants and heads of departments.
AQAC team will send a comprehensive report that includes all discussed aspects to be done until the next visit.