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International DevelopmentInternational Development2
One of the most critical issues facing Jordan and the world is that of international development. As globalization continues, theories and practices of development spread. These global forces have mixed effects. The Department of International Development is home to specific programs that deal with these global challenges on local, regional, and global levels, in order to harness the spread of knowledge and further efforts towards international development.

The University of Jordan seeks to become a globally pioneering university and to scientifically contribute to solutions of these global challenges. The Department, taught in English, engages students on today's pressing global issues and equips them with the theoretical and concrete knowledge and skills to begin solving tomorrow's problems. The Department consists of three programs: 1) Human Rights and Human
Development, 2) Global Challenges and Leadership, and 3) Development Practices.
International Relations and Regional StudiesInternational Relations and Regional Studies1
The Department of International Relations and Regional Studies is committed to the promotion of excellence in the education and training it provides in the myriad of programs it offers. It seeks to provide interdisciplinary research and teaching with cutting-edge discussion of key international politics and conflicts around the globe. It is comprised of four programs: 1) Diplomatic Studies, 2) Conflict Resolution, 3) American Studies, and 4) Middle Eastern Studies.
Research CentersResearch Centers4
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the dissemination of knowledge increases exponentially as well. The University of Jordan seeks to add to this age of global knowledge through its Research Centers. The creation of these centers is motivated by the University of Jordan's desire to promote a culture of innovative research and cross-cultural collaboration. The Centers of Research encompasses two centers: 1) The Leonel Fernandez Center for Latin American Studies and 2) The Institute for Democracy and Electoral Studies.
Political Science Political Science 3
Established in 1965, the Department of Political Science is one of the oldest and most prestigious establishments of political science in the region. Taught in Arabic at the undergraduate and graduate levels, the Department will soon establish a PhD program focusing on comparative politics and political theory. The Department aims to equip its students with solid methodological skills in order to study and analyze the science of politics. By focusing on new paradigms, theories and methodologies, the Department seeks to create a new generation of scholars able to apply these practices to contemporary political issues.

The Department's students and faculty engage in critical inquiry over a broad range of topics. In both its undergraduate and graduate degrees, students learn about local, regional, and international politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory.