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Clinical Master Program, course syllabus
Course title: Pathophysiology
Course number: 0702726
Credit hours: 3 credit hours
Semester: 1st, 2013/2014
Course tutor: Jafar Alasad RN, Ph.D.
Office phone No.: 5355000, extension: 23129
Office Hours: by appointment
Course Description:
This course focuses on the pathogenesis of human disease as a consequence of
abnormalities and alterations of normal physiological function. Regulatory and
compensatory mechanisms that aim at maintaining and restoring homeostasis in
response to changes in the internal and external environment are explored. This course
tackles all systems, but emphasizes those systems encountered in critical care units,
within an appropriate theoretical framework. It will form the basis for planning essential
and comprehensive nursing care interventions, aiming at providing comprehensive
patient care.
Objectives of the course and Intending Learning Outcomes (ILOs)
The overall aim of the course is to provide students with a base knowledge of pathophysiology for
diseases and conditions affecting various body systems, especially those encountered at the area of
critical care. However, the following ILOs are thought to be of particular importance to fulfill the
aim of the course.
At the end of the course students would be able to:
A. Knowledge and Understanding
1. Describe various disease processes commonly affecting body systems, especially
those encountered among critically ill patients.
2. Explain the etiology and pathogenesis of various diseases affecting body systems.
3. Define relevant pathophysiologic terms.
B. Cognitive and Intellectual Skills
1. Demonstrate ability to understand pathophysiologic concepts and alteration processes.
2. Demonstrate advanced skill in identifying, retrieving, reading and appraising literature
related to pathophysiology.
3. Identify the effects of internal and external stresses on individuals
4. Recognize the influence of various physiological, environmental, and psychological
stresses on physiological alterations.
C. Subject specific Skills
1. Identify major alterations in normal body functions and their effect on individual’s
2. Lead and participate in class presentations, and case study discussions.
3. Demonstrate critical thinking abilities during class discussions
D. Transferable Skills
1. Analyze the physical, environmental and social impacts of disease on individuals,
families, and communities.
2. Disseminate current advances in pathophysiology among nurses and other members of
the health team.
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Pathophysiology for Msc Students
1st semester 2013-2014
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